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Virtual Field TripGraphics in Learning

Let's explore a few quick examples of graphics in learning:

What's for lunch?

Virtual Adventure. Rather than starting with a topic, begin an inquiry with a virtual field trip. Ask students to explore an exhibit at a science museum and share their experience. Rather than a traditional paper, involved students in creating a poster using a tool like Glogster or Cropmom. One student went on a virtual tour called the Underground Adventure at the Chicago Field Museum. Go to Teacher Tap: Virtual Field Trips and Museums for ideas.

Visual Problem and Solution. Provide students with a visual problem such as a mineral in need of identification. Ask students to organize information visually, indicate actions visually, and show photos (below left).

Fool's GoldConifer

Visual Product. Consider a visual product rather than a traditional written paper. Student use digital cameras to make observations. They use Comic Life for a visual way to share understandings (above right).

For a more in-depth exploration, read the graphic book Graphic Inquiry by Annette Lamb and Danny Callison available from Libraries Unlimited, 2011.

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