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Follow Instructions

Shift the focus from simply recalling instructions to applying and adapting instructions to new situations.

Notice how the standards change as children mature as thinkers.


Focus on "How Tos"

Many websites provide "how-tos".

Magic. Young people enjoy magic. Answer questions about step-by-step instructions. Write instructions. Follow instructions

Draw. Young people love to draw. Get out the drawing books and websites. Ask them to read carefully and following the instructions to create a masterpiece.

Focus on Recipes

Explore resources that contain recipes.

Focus on Step-by-Step Instructions

Directions can be found online for a wide variety of activities. Check out Activity TV for video directions and text directions.

Focus on Science Experiments

Explore the steps in science experiments.

Read a chapter from Circuits and Conductors by Louise Spilsbury, Claire Llewellyn, Richard Spilsbury. Read about making a circuit. Then create your own diagram showing the steps.

Focus on Tools Following Instructions

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