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Make Predictions

Shift the focus on simple predictions to complex predictions involving new examples. Nonfiction works that explore cycles, processes, and histories work well for these types of activities.

Get students involved with no only making predictions, but also providing reasons.

Prediction and Nonfiction Reading

Beginning readers learn about prediction through making observations as they read.

Processes and Nonfiction Reading

See nonfiction that explores processes, cycles, phases. Ask students to make inferences about other processes based on this experience.

Apply what you know about the butterfly life cycle to the frog life cycle. Use parallel concept maps to show these predictions.

Explore nonfiction books and websites related to process such as the origins of our food and life on a farm.

Scentific Prediction

Explore scientific processes and activities. Think about ongoing activities that you could do in your classroom such as predict the growth of plants, predict the weather or track the phases of the moon.

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