stack of papersThe enrollment in your school has declined. The school board has decided to close your school and move your students to other schools.

The bad new is that your building was condemned. The good news is that a new school building will be constructed. However it will be two years before construction is completed, and you'll be spending at least a year in a temporary location in a nearby vacant storefront location.

Regardless of the reasons, it's difficult to close a library. From weeding to packing, there's a lot involved with making any type of move.

What is involved with closing a library?

When closing a center, follow these steps.

Collect Supplies. You need to start by collecting all the materials you need:

Establish Procedure. Develop a system for weeding and redistribution. In some cases you'll be moving items to your own building. In other cases, you may have to decide which other center will get your items. It's helpful to have access to the district-wide automation system when making choices.

You may wish to use post-it notes or masking tape to mark items such as tables and chair that will be moved to a new location.

Pull Items. As items are removed from the shelf, determine whether they should be weeded or relocated to a particular collection. Use volunteers to physically move the ideas. If you're unsure of the placement, toss it.

Rebuild. Keep in mind that all the items that you plan to redistribute will need to be added to collections, re inventoried, and re stamped with the school name. Be certain that staffing is available for these duties.

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