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InstructVideo Projects: Instruct

Students can learn by creating directions, conducting demonstrations and presenting ideas to others. Involve young people in modeling, tutoring, guiding, reviewing, demonstrating and mentoring activities. Rather than reading and writing directions, watch a video containing step-by-step instructions for a procedure. Then, write instructions for your own video production. Students still get experience writing, but they do it in a different way.

Use props to provide analogies, demonstrate concepts, or reflect the thoughts of an actor. Create science models, dioramas, and other physical materials that can be used to explain how things work.

Watch how teens are Using the Flip Video in a High School Math Class (YouTube): Part 1 and Part 2. Add pipecleaners (Youtube) for some fun with graphs.

Create a Tutorial

Use video to show techniques for producing a product such as a work of art. Explain each step and key techniques. Use over-the shoulder shots and close-ups.

Read Is It Worth It? Student Created Tutorials. Students learned about creating tutorials. Then, instead of a test, they created a video tutorial.

For fun, watch the instructional comedies How 2 Txt in Clas by high school students and Zombies in Plain English by Common Craft.

Conduct an Experiment

Share the process of conducting an experiment. Be sure to include the elements of the scientific method. Focus on each step in the process (i.e., hypothesis, materials, procedures, results). Narrate each step.

Watch What's the Matter? Notice the way the experiments are interwoven with the facts.

Use the following websites to think about experiments students could duplicate or expand.

Demonstrate a Procedure

Demonstrate the proper procedure for completing an activity. Describe how to use a piece of equipment. Incorporate examples of proper use and incorrect approaches. Be sure not to do anything that is unsafe even for a demonstration. For instance, focus on health or safety rules (i.e., weather, water, cooking, fire, science, laboratory, bike).

Explain a Concept

Video can be used to explain a concept and provide examples.

Demonstrate Strategies for Personal Health

Create a video showing ways to manage a stressful situation or deal with feelings caused by disappointment, separation, or loss. Consider topics such as bullying, peer pressure, and other common problems connected with home and school life.

Take 1Try It: Demonstrate a Skill
Create a movie containing a series of short video clips that demonstrate a process, procedure, or skill. Use a variety of shooting techniques such as an establishing shot, close-up, over-the-shoulder, and medium shot to meet particular needs.

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