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Video Production: Planning

How will I identify a topic and organize my ideas?

While some people start with words, others prefer to begin by creating images in their mind. Think about how you will combine still and moving images, words, and sounds to create an effective video project.

Still and Moving Images. How can the story be told visually?

Words. What words will best convey or reinforce the central message?

Sounds. How do voices, sounds effects, and music contribute to the story?

For primary teachers, use Video Project Masters (PDF) for student roles.

Planning Content

Read Seven Steps to Create a DigiTales Story by Bernajean Porter.

Consider both individual and group responsibilities.

Use tools for scripting and/or storyboarding.

take 1Try It: Storyboards
Compare the approach taken in each of the following storyboards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Read my web-based article Planning a Video.

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