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SharingVideo Production: Sharing

Where can I share my project so others can enjoy my work?

Watch Happy Birthday Annette and Together We Can Recycle (YouTube). Encourage children to enjoy creating videos at home as well as at school.

Sharing Online

After creating your video, consider sharing it online. Before making student projects public, be sure to get permission from parents. Check out an example form by Mrs. Plunkett.

User-Generated Content Sites

News Organizations

Collaborative Projects

Read Teaching English through Film and Screenwriting. Students created videos, removed the audio and sent them to another class. The second class them added their own narration.

Take 1Try It: Share Projects
Design a plan for sharing projects. Discuss issues in sharing with the public such as copyright, video storage, and parent permissions.


Evaluating student projects is an important part of the process. Use the following resources to help in building your own assessment tools:

Build your own rubrics with RubiStar.

Take 1Try It: Design Assessments
Explore online sources for rubrics and scoring guides. Create your own for a video project. Use RubiStar to get started.

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