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persuadeVideo Projects: Persuade

Persuasive messages use powerful visual, auditory, and kinesthetic movements to prompt action.

Advertisements are intended to persuade an audience to take some action such as purchase a product or service. Commercial advertisers hope to generate sales through repeated viewing of logos, slogans, and other images associated with their product. This is called branding.

Watch Persuasive Writing Lesson from Teach 21 to learn about how one educator teaches advertising techniques, storyboarding, and persuasive video production.

Take Action

Create a persuasive video asking viewers to take action.

Advertise a Place, Product, or Event

Apply persuasive techniques to the creation of a video commercial. In addition to traditional commercials, consider a twist. Create a commercial for a product in a different time period or create an election campaign advertisement.

Watch Imagine for Library Advocacy Day.

Create a Book, Movie, Play Trailers

Trailers are used to advertise books, movies, plays, or other productions. Do a YouTube search for The Giver Trailer and you'll find lots of examples. Watch book/movie trailers for The Giver 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

For award winning student trailers, go to the Trailee Awards.
Watch lots of professional trailers at Apple.
For book trailer teaching ideas, go to Digital Book Talk.
Explore a Book Trailer webquest.

Advertise a Local Place or Service

Create a video advertisement for a local non-profit or service. For instance, promote the local farmer's market or blood bank. Advertise a local attraction.

Use a specific advertising technique. Some websites with descriptions of techniques are listed below for ideas:

Take 1Try It: Create a Book Trailer
Create a short video that persuades someone to read a book.

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